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An abundance of worldwide gifts filled the Global Peace Dream Basket won on December 1st by award-winning Colorado dream artist,
Brenda Ferrimani.

Brenda, whose art is well known by members of the international dream community, most recently created a work called "Spirits of the Abbey" celebrating both the 2011 IASD Conference at Rolduc Abbey in the Netherlands and a presentation, "Spirit of the Abbey", at the 2011 PsiberDreaming Conference in which she collaborated.

The Peace Bridge would like to thank all of the entrants in the drawing, who contributed $25 or more to the work of the World Dreams Peace Bridge; and we would also like to thank Global Peace Dream Basket donors, who provided items valued at close to $1,000 from Italy, Germany, South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

For a look at the contents of the basket and a time line of ten years of peace activism from the World Dreams Peace Bridge,
click here.



Want to learn more about Group Dreaming? Here are papers presented between 2009 and 2012 on the subject.  Papers available in Adobe pdf format.

Bozorgmehr, Ghazaal
“Green Dancer: Passing Through to Peace.”

Campbell, Jean
“Dreaming the Family Spirit.”
“Drum Dance and Dream for Peace 2011.”
“Who Are These People and Why Do They Keep Dreaming Me Before they Meet Me?”
“More About Group Dreaming.”



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