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An abundance of worldwide gifts filled the Global Peace Dream Basket won on December 1st by award-winning Colorado dream artist,
Brenda Ferrimani.

Brenda, whose art is well known by members of the international dream community, most recently created a work called "Spirits of the Abbey" celebrating both the 2011 IASD Conference at Rolduc Abbey in the Netherlands and a presentation, "Spirit of the Abbey", at the 2011 PsiberDreaming Conference in which she collaborated.

The Peace Bridge would like to thank all of the entrants in the drawing, who contributed $25 or more to the work of the World Dreams Peace Bridge; and we would also like to thank Global Peace Dream Basket donors, who provided items valued at close to $1,000 from Italy, Germany, South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

For a look at the contents of the basket and a time line of ten years of peace activism from the World Dreams Peace Bridge,
click here.


On the anniversary of Iran's Green Revolution the Iranian government is attempting to prevent worldwide contact and citizen communications by creating a national "Intranet" and blocking all outside sources.

Join members of the World Dreams Peace Bridge as we dream toward Iran. Read a statement from an Iranian Peace Bridge member and see what else is happening. The World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group is a moderated forum on Yahoo Groups.
To join the discussion please visit and click on the join button. Or connect with us via Facebook open group: (You must have a Facebook account to participate).

Stay connected!

Message From an Iranian Member of the World Dreams Peace Bridge.

Beginning a few days ago, I, as well as many of my friends in Tehran, noticed a significant slowdown of internet speed which did not let us get online or turn on the anti-block soft wares to get to news sites or on FB.

As it is the case during these days in mid February, we were accustomed to this strategy applied by authorities to keep people disconnected not only from the net but from each other to avoid any protests or demonstrations. However, this time there was another concern worrying us: the so called National Internet, or better said, intranet; which is supposed to be run any moment and it might disconnect us from the world outside Iran.

Today evening when I went to work, many of my friends reported that they could not get on the net, not even Yahoo! or Google. For some Gmail was filtered as well.

What came to my mind was to ask my Dreamer friend to help us like they always have helped me during hard times in the past few years. I wrote to Jean and she asked me to write to our Bridge and ask for help and I did and there came a flow of energy from round the world!

We do not really know if the National Internet will ever be applied or how far it might disconnect us from the world but we do know that even at this very moment we are not able to access many internet sites; I am writing this off line to you. We also do know that we WANT to and NEED to keep connected.

For the privacy and security concerns, the author of this statement remains anonymous.

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The World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion group is a moderated forum on Yahoo Groups. To join the discussion please visit
and click on the join button.


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